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Get special pricing & support from DirectPush Local, a certified Yelp Advertising Partner.

Advertise your business with Yelp as an add-on service.

Advertise your business on Yelp.

In addition to the many ad types available on the DirectPush Local platform, we're also a Certified Yelp Partner Agency.

Yelp is the largest local business directory in the world, and we've chosen to partner with them because they share our mission of providing small local businesses with opportunities to grow.

Our Yelp advertising is available as an add-on service to any of our packages.

Benefits of working with a Yelp Partner Agency.

As a Yelp partner agency, we're able to offer you discounted pricing on Yelp Ads and Profile Enhancements. In addition to that, because we know your business, we are able ensure your Yelp Ads are being managed by someone who knows you and your marketing goals. We also have access to a Dedicated Yelp Team that works closely with us to help ensure your ads & campaigns are successful.

We'll manage your Yelp campaigns for you, and work with you one on one to ensure your success. If you're already advertising with Yelp, we can move your account over to our Agency and manage your existing Yelp Campaigns.

If you are an existing client, and are interested in adding Yelp Advertising to your account, contact us today and we can help you get set up within 24 hours.

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About DirectPush Local

DirectPush Local is headquartered in El Paso, Texas. We are a mobile marketing company that set out to bring geofencing technology to the every day business owner. Our Founders have been in the digital marketing industry for more than a decade, and have watched as local small businesses have been priced out of the market due to national companies with expendable budgets setting ridiculously high bids on Pay Per Click ads.

These high bids and click costs have essentially created an environment where small local business can't get targeted digital advertising at a price that makes sense to them. For Small Business, every sale, every customer, and every lead matters. DirectPush Local understands that. You're not just a another client to us. We built our platform with you in mind, and want to help you grow. You'll work one on one with an Campaign Strategist, who will learn your business and it's goals. Call on them any time you need a hand or some friendly advice.

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