White Label Geofencing for Agencies

Offer geofencing directly to your clients, with No Minimum Account Requirements & No Setup Fees.

Enhance your agency's services by offering geofencing to your clients.

Leverage the Power of DirectPush Local

With our white label geofencing, you'll be able to leverage the software and network capabilities of DirectPush Local for your clients.

Enhance Your Clients' Performance

You can offer geofencing to your clients, no matter what the size of their budget. Expanding your current services.

100% White Label Reporting

Generate white label geofencing reports for your clients. Or attach your logo to the reports for seemless branding.

white label geofencing with DirectPush Local

All Agency Accounts Include:

Each one of our Agency accounts is loaded with features to make it easy for you to manage your clients:

  • 100% White Label Geofencing
  • Ability to Create & Manage Clients
  • Manage Client Campaigns directly from your Agency Dashboard
  • Agency Performance Dashboard
  • Individual Client & Agency Billing
  • White Label Reporting & Invoicing
  • Ability to generate your own promotional codes to use as sales incentives.

  • Please note: At this time our white label option does not include YouTube Marketing or Yelp Advertising. These services are through 3rd-Party providers and we are not able to offer them to our White Label Agencies.

    Get started with an Agency Account Today

    By creating an agency account, you can manage all of your clients' accounts & campaigns under one dashboard. By offering our advanced mobile marketing & geofencing to your clients, you'll be able to pass the cost onto them, and improve the services you're able to offer.

    How does client billing work?

    We know different agencies bill in different ways, which is why our Agency accounts have the option to bill each individual account separately, or group them all under one Agency billing profile. All Client accounts need to have a billing profile attached to them. If you are an Agency that prefers centralized billing (all costs get billed to you, and you invoice your clients at a markup), you can use one payment profile for all clients. However, if you prefer your clients get billed directly, you can enter your client's payment information in the billing profile.

    Are there fees associated with a White Label account?

    We don't charge any fees associated with a White Label account. As an Agency, it's up to you to choose how you get paid. Some Agencies prefer to simply charge a flat management fee, while others prefer charging a percentage of the client's spend, or mark up our costs to the client. However you choose to do it, the amount of money you make per client is completely up to you.

    Do you offer managed agency accounts?

    At this time we do not provide managed agency accounts. However, it is something we have planned for the future. As it stands, Agencies are responsible for managing their own client campaigns.

    Do you have a reseller program?

    We do offer reseller options as well. Our standard commission for resellers is 20% of the advertising spend for the life of the client (including all recurring payments). Resellers will be set up with their own landing page and sign up form. If you are interested in becoming a reseller, please contact us.

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