Geofencing & Geo-Targeted Mobile Ads

The power of mobile delivers your ad straight to a mobile device as a new notification.

Target to users using real time geolocation data.

Refine your ad relevancy with geolocation targeting.

When it comes to digital marketing of any sort, knowing and setting geolocation areas for your campaigns can help increase the engagement rate of your advertisements, and it's relevancy to the user.

When it comes to mobile marketing however, you can take it one step further and use the location services on the device to refine your geo-target area with better accuracy. This is known as Geofencing. Using the GPS data from the device, you can geofence entire cities, neighborhoods, or drill it down to specific parking lots, hotels, schools and intersections.

A campaign with correct geo-targeting can mean a world of difference in the performance of the campaign. If users who see your are aren't familiar with your business or brand, or live pretty far outside of your geographic area (such as the other side of town) showing them the distance you are to them can help make the connection.

Real-Time Geo Targeting with DirectPush Local

Since DirectPush Local focuses primarily on mobile devices, our marketing platform has real time geo-targeting capabilities. Our advertising software monitors device location in real time, and knows when a device enters or leaves your geo-target area. We ensure your ads are always relevant to the user based on their physical location.
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About DirectPush Local

DirectPush Local is headquartered in El Paso, Texas. We are a mobile marketing company that set out to bring geofencing technology to the every day business owner. Our Founders have been in the digital marketing industry for more than a decade, and have watched as local small businesses have been priced out of the market due to national companies with expendable budgets setting ridiculously high bids on Pay Per Click ads.

These high bids and click costs have essentially created an environment where small local business can't get targeted digital advertising at a price that makes sense to them. For Small Business, every sale, every customer, and every lead matters. DirectPush Local understands that. You're not just a another client to us. We built our platform with you in mind, and want to help you grow. You'll work one on one with an Campaign Strategist, who will learn your business and it's goals. Call on them any time you need a hand or some friendly advice.

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