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DirectPush Local will soon open it's exchange to App Developers & Publishers. We'll let you know when it's ready.

Our developer portal will enable you to monetize your apps using our advertising. It's a great alternative to Google Ads and ADMOB. The DirectPush Local Developer Portal will be only open to Developers and Publishers within the US intitially.

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About DirectPush Local Mobile Marketing

At DirectPush Local, we're obsessed with improving campaign targeting. Our Founders have been in the digital marketing industry for over a decade, and have seen time and time again the effect of wasted marketing dollars on ads that simply aren't targeted correctly. When we built our platform, we wanted to try and do things different.

We built our mobile marketing platform from the ground up, creating a unique targeting method that monitors browser and search history, location history, and scans for buy signals. We then use this information to build an accurate buyer profile for each of the mobile devices on our network. So when you create an ad on our platform, you know you're only going to spend money on people that are actually (and actively) looking to buy products or services similar to what you have to offer.

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