Posted on: December 18, 2019
In: Mobile Marketing,Push Notification Marketing

Mobile Marketing solutions for Doctors & Dentists

Whether you’re a Doctor that’s been running a practice for a long time, or you’re just starting out, mobile marketing for your practice is a must. In 2019, the average American adult spent more time on their mobile devices than on TV, Newspaper, and Radio combined. Depending on the type of practice you have, you … Continue reading “Mobile Marketing solutions for Doctors & Dentists”

Geo Targeted Mobile Marketing For Car Dealerships

Car Dealerships, both large and small, can benefit from advanced marketing technology and methods. By using geo-targeted advertising dealerships of all sizes can move inventory faster and smarter than with traditional marketing such as TV and Newspaper Ads. If you own an auto dealership, you’ve no doubt had to struggle to move some inventory in … Continue reading “Geo Targeted Mobile Marketing For Car Dealerships”

Event Marketing using Mobile Devices

You’ve spent a lot time planning, organizing and anticipating your big event. Now you’ve got it all planned out, but now you’re worried marketing your event. What if nobody attends your event? All of that hard work will be for nothing. Marketing your event is sometimes more intimidating than the actual planning. After all, you … Continue reading “Event Marketing using Mobile Devices”

Geo-Targeted Mobile Marketing for Restaurants

If you’re not marketing your restaurant specifically to mobile devices, your competitors might already be doing it. And it’s possible people dining at your restaurant are seeing ads for your competitors while they are eating.

Push Notification Advertising – What are the benefits?

Push notification advertising is undoubtedly a red hot digital ad format right now. What’s all the fuss about? Why is it so effective and customer-friendly? How can it help my business increase sales and revenue? Hopefully, we will answer those and other questions you might have. Firstly, what is push notification advertising? What is Push … Continue reading “Push Notification Advertising – What are the benefits?”

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