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Advertising Your Business After COVID-19

By on May 20th, 2020

It’s been a tough couple of months for all of us. Here at DirectPush Local, like many of you, our offices were shut down, and staff interaction limited. But now that things are starting to open up again, you might be wondering how do I go about marketing my business in this ever changing environment?

Geofencing & Mobile Marketing is more important than ever.

Gone (at least for now) are the days where people walked by your storefront in masses, or talked about how great the service was with a group of friends over dinner. In fact, since less people are driving, even billboards have lost the effect they once had.

Now, more than ever, mobile advertising and geofencing is becoming the smart choice for spending what little marketing budget you have. During the Covid-19 lock down, people relied on their phones for everything. From ordering food with Grub Hub or Uber Eats, to Staying connected to friends and family, to even conducting business and meetings through Zoom. People’s phones and devices are now the only lifelines they have to the outside world.

Get More For Your Advertising Dollars With DirectPush Local

At DirectPush Local, we specialize in Geofencing and Mobile Advertising, and our platform is fine-tuned to target people that will come into your business. We have the capability to advertise your business in specific neighborhoods, to specific demographics, and we can do it on a scale that fits your budget.

To celebrate the reopening of America’s (and the world’s) small businesses, we are now offering Google Ads and Youtube Advertising with our larger plans as well, but if you’re like us, and took a big financial hit these last few months, we are offering our $100/month COVID-19 Reopening Special Plan to all small business owners.

From Everyone here at DirectPush Local, we wish you the best success in reopening your business, and if we can be even a small part of that success, we would love to work together.

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