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What is Hyperlocal Marketing?

By on November 30th, 2019

Hyperlocal Marketing is a form if enhanced targeting digital marketing that focuses on small geographic targeting areas and niche demographics within that target area.

By utilizing hyperlocal marketing, businesses can refine the audience they market to. For example, say you own a health food store that caters to middle aged females with an active lifestyle. Using hyperlocal marketing, you can target your advertisements directly to that demographic, and within a small radius from your store.

With this increased targeting capability, you’re able to increase engagement with your advertisement, and ensure than only the demographic you want are seeing the ads.

Hyperlocal marketing means hyperfocused results.

By using such a “smart” marketing technology and method, your advertising campaign can produce better results, and often for a smaller budget than traditional marketing methods. After all, you wont be paying for impressions for people not within your demographic.

With traditional advertising, such as TV, you’re paying for those impressions whether or not people are actually watching your commercial, and whether or not they are actually in your target demographic.

By creating a geo-targeted marketing campaign, you’re slimming down the amount of irrelevant impressions your advertisement is paying for. And with high targeting capabilities, such as those found with the DirectPush Local platform , you can increase the relevancy of your advertisement to the people seeing it.

By coupling your hyperlocal campaigns with mobile marketing technology, such as push notification ads and geofencing, you can create an extremely effective campaign, with trackable KPIs that are completely measurable. You’ll know exactly how your campaign performs, and if you enable conversion zones in your campaign, exactly how much money it’s bringing in.

Start advertising with Hyperlocal Marketing today.

If you’re already engaged in a digital marketing campaign of any kind, you’ll want to add hyperlocal into the mix.

If you aren’t currently using any sort of digital advertising, but are spending a considerable budget with traditional advertising, such as TV, Radio, or Billboards, be sure to give hyperlocal it’s due respect. It’s a smarter way to spend your marketing dollars.

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