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Increase Real Estate Marketing results with Geofencing

By on November 12th, 2019

In today’s day and age, almost everything is done on mobile devices. And this is true for real estate as well. From browsing listings to looking at photos and virtual tours. Today’s home buyers are more tech savvy, and want their information faster.

While websites like Trulia and Zillow have mobile apps that allow houses to be listed through mobile devices, however since those sites list hundreds, if not thousands of homes at any given time, Realtors and individual homeowners trying to sell their homes can quickly become lost in the mix and may or may not see a good return from those sites.

As a Realtor, you’re always looking for ways to outperform your competition. And the last thing any realtor wants to do is have their listings shoved between hundreds of other listings.

Integrate Geofencing into your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

By adding geofencing into the mix, you can be smarter about the way you market your listings. Whether you have 3 listings or 300, you’ll want to focus a great deal of attention on key points within the city you’re in. These key target areas can be new subdivisions that are very popular, area schools, big office buildings or even shopping centers.

By creating virtual barriers around those key areas, you can target your ads to people who are within a smaller distance from your listings. Or, in the case of the popular subdivisions, you’ll be targeting your ads to people who are more likely than not already looking at homes anyway. Once you create your geofence, you’ll want to pair it with a push notification advertising campaign, so your listings (or realtor information) will be shown on mobile devices to the people within your target areas.

By doing this with DirectPush Local, you can literally have one of your listings, or your realtor information show up automatically as a new notification on the mobile devices of someone at an open house down the street. They can see your ad, and call you to schedule a viewing. Or, if you’re having an open house in a subdivision with a lot of homes for sale, you can broadcast your open house to all of the people within that subdivision.

If you are not currently using Geofencing as part of your real estate marketing strategy, you should contact DirectPush Local today to see how we can help you achieve success.

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