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Event Marketing using Mobile Devices

By on November 7th, 2019

You’ve spent a lot time planning, organizing and anticipating your big event. Now you’ve got it all planned out, but now you’re worried marketing your event. What if nobody attends your event? All of that hard work will be for nothing.

Marketing your event is sometimes more intimidating than the actual planning. After all, you had pretty good control over the planning portion. But when it comes to Marketing, you may not know what methods are the most effective, and if all of the money you spend on marketing and promotion will actually result in attendees.

Leverage the power of mobile for your Event Marketing

In this day and age, mobile marketing is a must for any business, but this is especially true for event marketing. The average american adult spends over 5 hours of their day on mobile devices, and for adults aged 18-33, that number increases to over 7 hours per day. With that much time being spent on mobile devices, it’s absolutely essential that you integrate mobile marketing into your event promotion strategy.

How can mobile marketing help my event?

  • Utilize push notifications to send your event’s information directly to mobile devices within a geographic location relevant to your event’s venue.
  • If you’re charging for your event, consider offering discounted tickets to people who see your ad on their mobile device, and using pay-per-claim advertising, enable your potential attendees to claim your discounted tickets. This will help you confirm the number of attendees and is a great way to track ROI from your mobile advertising campaigns.
  • Set a branding campaign across the entire zip code, city, or region where your event is taking place. By doing this you can ensure your ad is seen by people specifically looking for events in your area.

DirectPush Local offers all of the services listed above to ensure that your event is seen by people that would be interested in attending your event. So if you’re looking to promote an event we highly suggest contacting us to see exactly what we can do for your event.

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