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Geo-Targeted Mobile Marketing for Restaurants

By on October 6th, 2019

As a restaurant owner, you know that choosing the right marketing strategy is a big determining factor as to whether you have a full dining room, or your watching your business lose money night after night. Owning a restaurant is a rewarding experience, but can also be one of the hardest things to do.

After all, it’s no secret that most restaurants never make it off the ground. Around 60% of all new restaurants fail in the first year. With the deck that heavily stacked against you, you’re probably wondering what you can do to give yourself an edge over your competitors and level the playing field.

It’s important to mention the absolute first steps towards success must begin with your establishment, the menu, staff and atmosphere. But if you’re reading this article, you’ve probably gotten past that point and are looking for ways to bring new business.

Stay current with your restaurant marketing.

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now the vast numbers of people that are using their mobile devices. Especially if you have a dine-in establishment. Your patrons are likely taking pictures of your food, sharing it with their friends, and spend a good portion of the time they are there on their phones. If not, they at least have them out on the table.

But most restaurant owners and managers really only care about what their patrons are doing on their phones while they are in the establishment. And very little thought is given to what they do with their mobile devices before and after they get to your dining room.

While your patrons sharing pictures of your food is a great organic way to bring awareness to your brand, and can in fact increase your patrons, you can’t control what someone is posting, or whether it helps or hurts you.

Leverage the power of mobile devices with your marketing strategy.

Utilizing mobile devices can enable you to take control of what people are seeing when it comes to your brand. Through push notification advertising, you can send out specific specials on your menu, complete with a picture and a way for the user to claim that special. When coupled with a geofencing strategy, it’s the digital equivalent of having someone stand on every street corner within a few miles handing out a menu and a coupon. And since it’s all done through mobile devices, people can interact with your ad, and engagement rates can be up to 10x the national average for digital marketing.

Imagine the results of sending out a specific special to 500 people within a 1 mile radius of your business. The ads simply drops on their phone as a new notification, and users can claim that special immediately.

This can be especially useful during times that are slow, such as between lunch and dinner rushes, and can even be used to push a not-so-popular entree. Have too much of the Chicken Parmesan aging in your cooler? Create a 20% off Chicken Parmesan ad right before the lunch rush.

Got a new menu item you’re trying to bring awareness to? Create an ad for that new item with a 10% off offer and let it run for a few days.

Get your ad where people will see it. Their mobile devices.

The average american adult spends 5.6 hours of their day on their mobile devices. And for adults ages 18-33, that number goes up to 7 hours a day.

Test it out for yourself, the next time you’re in the height of a busy dinner rush, take some time to walk the floor and count how many people are on their mobile devices.

If you’re not marketing your restaurant specifically to mobile devices, your competitors might already be doing it. And it’s possible people dining at your restaurant are seeing ads for your competitors while they are eating.

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