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Push Notification Advertising – What are the benefits?

By on September 10th, 2019

Push notification advertising is undoubtedly a red hot digital ad format right now. What’s all the fuss about? Why is it so effective and customer-friendly? How can it help my business increase sales and revenue?

Hopefully, we will answer those and other questions you might have. Firstly, what is push notification advertising?

What is Push Notification Advertising?

Push Notifications are the notifications you see on your phone, and sometimes on your computer. The term “push” literally means those notifications are pushed out to devices from a single source. (Usually a website or Mobile App.)

They are generally unobtrusive, and widely considered to be a more valuable real estate than text messages (SMS). Notifications on mobile devices are almost always seen, and are highly customizable.

Push notification advertising is the method of using these notifications for advertising your business, product, or service. And it’s becoming the “next big thing” when it comes to mobile marketing.

How can I send out push notifications?

There are a few ways you can start sending out push notifications for advertising purposes.

  1. Create your Own Business App – If you have the budget to do so, creating your own business app is a great way to have the ability to send out notifications. In order to create your app, you’ll need to decide what it is you want your app to do. Are you going to be selling products through it? What about setting appointments? You need to make sure your app has substantial value to it’s users, otherwise it’s not likely people will download it.
  2. Send Out Push Notifications through your website. – Again, if you can get people on your website to allow notifications, you can use those permissions to send out notifications to your website visitors. This will either require a web developer to set up for you, as it requires special software installed on your server, or you can sign up to a push notification service for a monthly fee.
  3. Advertise with a company that offers push notifications. – The third, and probably less time consuming way to start advertising through push notifications is to advertise on a platform that already offers push notification advertising. They already have the infrastructure set up to offer it, and already have the apps and users to deliver great results. At DirectPush Local, we offer push notification advertising as part of our pay per claim campaigns.

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