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White Label Geofencing for Marketing Agencies

By on August 16th, 2019

DirectPush Local offers white label geofencing for marketing agencies of all sizes. With an agency account at DirectPush Local, you can offer geofencing services to your clients. There are no costs to open an agency account with us, and there is no required minimum spend.

How White Label Geofencing can help your agency.

With an agency account, you’ll be able to create and manage client accounts, manage client campaigns & ads, and generate white label reports to send to your clients.

Unlike other geofencing companies, our geofencing software enables your clients to serve ads in real time to users within their geofence. We combine advanced geofencing technology with our own unique ad delivery system, which also includes push notification marketing and geo-targeted email marketing at no additional cost to your clients.

Our white label geofencing services offer automatic invoicing, custom branded reporting, and a special dashboard for Agencies that allows you to edit and create campaigns for all of your clients under a single login.

By signing up for an agency account you can offer everything that DirectPush Local offers straight to your clients as if it were your own service, and they will never know you’re using DirectPush Local.

If you would like to learn more about the DirectPush Local white label geofencing account for Agencies, you can visit out Agency Account Page and read all about the services and benefits we offer our partner agencies.

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