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What is Geofencing, and how can my business benefit from it?

By on July 30th, 2019

Traditionally speaking, the term “Geofencing” has been a broad term to describe any marketing method which target people in or entering a specified area.

Google defines the term Geofencing as follows:

the use of GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual geographic boundary, enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area.

Google “geofencing” definition.

To you and me though, that doesn’t really tell us much of anything. So lets try and put that into layman’s terms:

Geo-fencing is a method of engaging consumers based on hyper-local location data, which is usually achieved through their mobile device. Mobile devices collect and share location data using a number of technologies, such as GPS, Cellular Towers, and Public WiFi Data.

The target location is set by the advertiser. Usually target locations are set by radius around a point on a map.

What are some examples of Geofencing being used?

As a small business owner, we know it’s important for you to see how marketing technologies can relate to you. So we’ve put together some real world scenarios to show how some businesses would use geofencing technology.

The Restaurant Owner – A restaurant owner or manager may want to use geofencing to create a virtual border around their establishment. Advertising special deals to bring people in during normally slow days of the week. Utilizing geofencing technology can create that virtual barrier that when crossed, their advertisement is eligible to show. Given the close proximity to their location the people seeing the ad are, they are more likely to come in.

The Retail Store – A retail store owner, such as a clothing or furniture store, or even a car dealership, might use Geofencing to supplement advertising for an existing event they are having. By serving Geo-fenced ads to people within a few miles of their store, they are ensuring that people will find the ad relevant.

As you can see, Geofencing technology serves many purposes for small business owners. And it sounds almost too good to be true. And while Geofencing can help your marketing goals, there are some limitations you should be aware of.

The limitations of geo-targeting Technology

It’s no secret that mobile devices are everywhere you look. And we also know that most mobile devices have location services that know and track your current location. But just knowing the location of the device isn’t going to get your advertisement on it. There needs to be a way to link your ads to that particular mobile device. The connection isn’t there by default. You may be advertising on one service, but the mobile device may not come across that advertising publisher. And if they do, there are a lot of steps that need to happen first.

For example, using Google Ads, you can target a radius around a point on the map in bot Search and Display Campaigns. But if the person doesn’t search for a keyword you are advertising for, or visit a website your ad is displayed on, they will never see your ads.

The same is true with the Geofencing services commonly offered by the TV stations as part of a Digital Package. Technically, they have the ability to create fences around points that you specify, but again there are a lot of steps that need to happen in order for your ad to show. Like Google, the publishers used by the TV stations are almost all Display Ads only. And a display ad is shown on a website. You can target websites by keywords or topics, but a person will still need to be browsing the internet and come across a website with your advertisement on it. And, lets face it, people aren’t just wandering around browsing the internet all day.

With DirectPush Local however, we’ve eliminated all of those limitations. We’ve created our own software that constantly monitors user locations to people who are already opted in to receiving advertisements. And with our ads, there are no actions required on the users end. We will send an ad via Push Notification as long as someone is within your target area, is matched to your business using our advances Audience matching software.

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