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From individual business owners to marketing agencies, our advanced mobile advertising platform can help your business succeed.

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Grow your business with hyperlocal mobile marketing.

Welcome to the future of mobile advertising.

DirectPush Local is a hyperlocal mobile marketing platform built with you, the business owner in mind.

With our intuitive advertising, you can have your ad show in a variety of formats automatically on the mobile devices of people within a target area you select.

We've combined the most advanced geo-targeting technology with our own proprietary mobile ad delivery software to create an advertising experience in line with what local business owners want: immediate results.

Explore the many features of our hyperlocal mobile marketing platform to see how we can help your business grow.

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Pay-Per-Interaction Ad Pricing

At DirectPush Local, you only pay for what you want. Whatever your goal: website visits, phone calls or offer claims, you only pay when someone interacts with your advertisement.
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Real-Time Geo Targeting

Our advertising network monitors device locations in real-time, using over 30 GPS satellites. Giving you the most accurate geolocation targeting currently available.
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Push Notification Advertising

Most of our ad types include push notification ads. These show up automatically on a user's device as a new notification, and can be customized with images or logos.
automatic invoicing & payment history

Boost Engagement with Push Notification Advertising for Android & iOS Devices

You know that mobile devices are everywhere you look. What you might not know is how easy it is to have your businesses' advertisement displayed on them.

Whatever actions you want people to take, whether it be offer claims, phone calls, or website visits, DirectPush Local makes it easy and affordable to advertise your business locally on mobile devices.

With our geolocation technology, you can send ads to mobile devices that pass by your business, or target people as they enter or leave a competitor's location. Our real-time geo tracking enables you to only target the people currently located within any geographic area you want to target.

Set up offer claims for sales & special offers.

If you have a business that runs sales or specials regularly, push notification advertising can be a great way to increase awareness and interaction during your sales event. From Car Dealerships to Retail Stores, having your offer sent directly to mobile devices around you can help to boost sales & revenue.

Since you can target people that are within a close vicinity of your business, these people are more likely to come in and participate in your sale. Plus, you'll only pay when someone claims your offer.

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DirectPush Local has the targeting capabilities to ensure your campaign's success.

With our mobile advertising, your ads are only served to people who are:

  • Actively Looking
    For your Products & Services
  • Opted-In
    Users have opted in to receiving advertisements.
  • Within Your Target Area
    Ads are served to people currently in your geo target area.
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The State of Mobile Marketing: Did you know?

80 %

of people use smartphones to research products, discounts, and pricing of local businesses at least once a day.

7 ½ hrs

is the total amount of time the average American adult (ages 18-35) spends on their mobile device every day.

91 %

of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after seeing an ad on their mobile device they describe as relevant.

75 %

of businesses don't spend enough time and effort on creating and executing an effective mobile marketing strategy.

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About DirectPush Local Mobile Marketing

At DirectPush Local, we're obsessed with improving campaign targeting. Our Founders have been in the digital marketing industry for over a decade, and have seen time and time again the effect of wasted marketing dollars on ads that simply aren't targeted correctly. When we built our platform, we wanted to try and do things different.

We built our mobile marketing platform from the ground up, creating a unique targeting method that monitors browser and search history, location history, and scans for buy signals. We then use this information to build an accurate buyer profile for each of the mobile devices on our network. So when you create an ad on our platform, you know you're only going to spend money on people that are actually (and actively) looking to buy products or services similar to what you have to offer.

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